Church Sound Installations

The Church of St Peter & St Paul, Lingfield

We spent some time at The Church of St Peter & St Paul, Lingfield when we visited them. As is common in many installations we see, considerable thought and expertise had gone into the current infrastructure. But not enough into the hardware choices and positioning, which resulted in disappointing audio delivery.

The loop amplifier that had already been installed was excellent and must be retained, although we checked and calibrated the actual signal quality and strength as required. We also managed to retain the existing radio systems, although on out of date frequencies.

Our plan was to install a pair of speakers at the front, in exactly the positions they were already situated in. But the new speakers would have a specific dispersion characteristic, ensuring sound only goes where required. With a further smaller pair of speakers fitted to the rear, to supplement these.

The chosen speakers will adequately handle all sources required within the church, from speech to live musical instruments. There was also a 75″ SMART screen installed, for future use of video.

So in total the install for this pretty Surrey church was:

Sound system

Video system

  • 1 x 75″ UHD SMART screen with wheelable trolley
  • 1 x wireless video sender
  • 1 x audio de-embed module

Next Steps

If you have been tasked with achieving great sound and video within your church, such as The Church of St Peter & St Paul, Lingfield and want to enquire about church sound systems. Or indeed an effective video or church lighting systems, then please contact Old Barn Audio. Either on +44(0) 1892 752246,by email or our contact form and someone will be in touch.