The Hut in Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight

This is one of the biggest Bose installations we have carried out since we recently started working the the Bose brand. The Hut in Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight is the most amazing venue and deserves an exceptional system for the amount of clients that pass through the doors on a daily basis! It originally started out as just an ice cream hut and there are now large outdoor areas, lots of indoor areas as well as 2 different dj areas. A massive and extremely popular venue near Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, right on the beach that has just grown and grown. And they are taking this quiet time, whilst shut, to improve their business even further.

The Project

The interior space within The Hut is split into 8 different zones which are all capable of being controlled separately. Whether it is background music, party music, live entertainment or a DJ.

Zone 1

Zone 1 is a bar/restaurant, mainly under cover, but it also has a large retractable canopy that can be opened up for good weather. So it was vital that we could supply some high IP rated weather proof speakers. Here we installed 4 x FS4SE speakers and one DM10S subwoofer. This zone also has DJ and microphone points for future entertainment.

Zones 2 & 6

These are both sets of unisex toilets and have had 4 x DM2C LP subtle ceiling speakers installed.

Zone 3

This is the small retail area that sells Hut merchandise and it now has 2 new Bose DM2C LP ceiling speakers.

Zone 4

Zone 4 is on the top deck and is fairly central within the complex now all the building work has extended the other sections. With stunning views over the beach and across the channel towards Milford On Sea as well as Lymington on the mainland. So once again we needed to install high IP rated weather proof speakers – hence 2 more Bose FS4SE speakers.

Zone 5

This is yet another restaurant and bar within The Hut and sits behind Zone 4. But Zone 5 is undercover and so required 4 x DM2C LP ceiling speakers as well as 1 x DM8C ceiling sub.

Zone 7

This is the largest of all the areas within The Hut and only recently extended along the promenade to make more room for the ever growing clientele. Again with a retractable roof, we installed here 4 x AMU108 speakers, 2 x AMU208 speakers, the bigger brother of the AMU108, plus 2 MB210 subs. This zone also has DJ and microphone points for future entertainment.

Zone 8

Here there are 4 booth type seating areas, totally out in the elements; glorious on a sunny warm day but not for the faint hearted with a windy high tide! More highly IP rated speakers were required here; 4 x FS4SE speakers, 2 x P21000A amps and 2 x P4300A amps.

All areas are controllable with a highly specified ESP880A controller and a CC3D wall panel in each zone for specific requirements. Each of the wall panels have 4 options – background music, a DJ point, a microphone point plus one spare for future expansion.

The whole of the complex is WiFi enabled, so can be adjustable with an iPad once integrated.

We were unable to take photos of this project as, once we had finished, the venue was nowhere near being ready to show off to everyone! But we will be going back soon to finetune the system ready for when The Hut relaunches. So we will be sure to take lots then. For now we have used a couple of lovely shots of the venue, from their own website.

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