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The Terrace In Exeter Gets A Service

The Terrace in Exeter is one of our longstanding customers. Having originally opened back in 2016 owned by Artigiano Group, they were taken over by the Deltic Group in 2018.

The Terrace got back in touch with Old Barn Audio as the originally installed system wasn’t functioning as it should. The venue had been taken over and speakers and lights had been moved, being re-positioned within the venue, resulting in the system not working correctly.

The tablet wasn’t also talking to the controller for the system, so nothing worked as it should.

Chris, our Audio and Lighting Technician took a trip down to Exeter to reinstate the system back to its original working design.

He upgraded the firmware and reconnected the inputs to the original design. He also reloaded the lighting software. Then Chris fully serviced the whole system, ensuring that, before he left this top Exeter venue, that it was fully functional and working to the highest level possible, both inside and outside the building.

When Old Barn Audio design a sound, lighting or video system, it is in the hope that it will be used by a consistent set of staff who have been taught to use the functionality in a correct manner. However, with staff and company changes, this isn’t always possible. So a complete overhaul, as happened at The Terrace is sometimes necessary.

If you have a system that was originally installed by Old Barn Audio and you feel that it is in need of either an upgrade or service then please get in touch. Either call us on 01892 752246email us or fill in the Enquiry Form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.