Lighting Installations

Venue Lighting Design

There are many different considerations that we need to make when designing a lighting system for a venue. Power, end user, desired effect and budget all come into play.

Each system that we design is bespoke and specifically tailored to the venue. We liaise with the venue to make sure they are getting exactly what they need. We also organise demonstrations where required, to show the client exactly how the equipment will perform in the venue.

As standard, we draw up our venues as well as the bespoke design, to make sure the client is aware of install locations and equipment. It also allows us to accurately quote cable routes and plan the install effectively.

A recent venue design is shown below (click to enlarge):

Venue Lighting Design

For more complex or listing sensitive projects we will draw up venue designs, to illustrate as accurately as possible the end outcome of the install. An example of a venue refit is shown below. In this instance we had to get the truss system approved by the listing officer and the venue wanted an illustration of what the throw on the fixtures would look like when completed.

Venue Lighting DesignVenue Lighting Design

If you are charged with creating extraordinary light within your venue, then we will create you a bespoke venue lighting design. Whether it is a nightclub, bar or restaurant, theatre, church, or wedding venue. Please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either call on 01892 752246email us or fill in the Enquiry Form.