Video Streaming Services

Web Streaming to your customers

With the climate as it is at the moment, many if not most venues are sadly closing their doors. Temporary as it will hopefully be, it is a sad fact that these mass gatherings cannot continue, for the safety of the public. However many venues are now quickly becoming extremely creative. And they are video streaming. Their events are now being broadcast online so they can still give everyone the show that was originally created.

Colleges and Universities

Most students are now receiving their lectures and tutorials over live streaming, in one form or another. This will no doubt carry on for the foreseeable future. Whilst many set something up fairly quickly, in a rough way, they are now creating something long term that will see them through the next few terms, well into next year. Live streaming is definitely the way to go and this is proving extremely successful for students and teachers alike.


This is probably the busiest of our sectors. Church sermons are now being broadcast online so they can still give everyone the guidance and comfort they need at this hard time.Video Streaming in Churches

Live Streaming Services

Video streaming is becoming more and more prevalent in these days of technology.  Whether it’s from a classroom to home students or a church to it’s congregation. Or perhaps even a live show to subscribers. The technology is simple yet effective using either multiple or single cameras.  Any streaming service from YouTube, Facebook, etc. are easy and free platforms to host either privately or publicly.

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