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Weather Resistant Speakers Are Ideal For Outside Sound

We get many calls from prospective customers asking how to increase the level and quality of their sound to all areas of their business. Many do not realise that, as Martin Audio sub-distributors, we actually sell speakers that can be installed to the exterior walls of a property. Weather resistant speakers are ideal for outside sound and will only go towards enhancing your music and sound quality.

Martin Audio CDD-WR loudspeakers meet a rating of IP54 and feature a weatherised water resistant grille made from zinc plated mild steel with a powder coated finish. This series of quality speakers and subwoofers by Martin Audio have been designed for outdoor operation, where it will be subject to changing environmental conditions. We would still however, recommend they be sheltered from direct exposure to the elements. Weatherised mounting brackets are also available to further enhance the speakers.

Ideal applications include outdoor restaurants, bars and hotel areas as well as near field systems in outdoor stadia, transport hubs, concourses and theme parks.

Weather Resistant Speakers Are Ideal For Outside SoundOld Barn Audio have already worked with these weather resistant speakers on numerous projects, including a national league south east football club as well as many bars and restaurants, where there is an external seating area. This market is consistently growing as there is a growing need to offer something extra for summer evenings, by clubs, bars & restaurants. Schools are also increasing their demand for outside weather resistant speaker systems, where students will need access to messages and regular information, when in the playground or  anywhere externally.

These Weather Resistant speakers are ideal for outside sound and are just another way to prove Martin Audio offers quality products that will benefit your business in whatever location and genre you may be promoting.

If you are interested in having a range of weather resistant speakers installed into your premises, then please either call us on 01892 752246 or get in touch via email or our enquiry form. Having many years of experience in all types of business, we create a bespoke system that will be most beneficial to both your budget and venue.