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Why Use The Martin Audio CDD Series?

Martin Audio Ltd have evolved over the years. They have consistently produced high quality speaker systems, processors, line array and stage monitors. All of these are of exceptional quality and produce an amazing sound. So why use the Martin Audio CDD Series? Well this really does move things on a stage further and is now the preferred range used by Old Barn Audio.

All of the speakers offer a full range, depending on the size you require. From the small, compact and discreet Martin Audio CDD5 right up to the high powered large CDD15, a giant speaker system ideal for large venues.

Alongside, sitting very comfortably, are the sub woofers in the CDD Series. And these fit with different sized speaker systems very nicely. So in general, we would use a Martin Audio CSX112 with the CDD5, CDD6 or CDD8 – a small and compact sub bass system designed to expand the band width and increase headroom of the compact speakers.

The Martin Audio CSX118 could then be installed alongside the CDD10, CDD12 or CDD15, ensuring that it extends the low frequency operating range of the combined system to 35Hz, providing exceptional low frequency impact.

When installing the Martin Audio CSX212 twin bass driver alongside a CDD Series speaker system, it will extend the low frequency operating range of the combined system down to 40Hz, which is ideal for the CDD10 for example.

However as the grande finale, the mighty Martin Audio CSX218 delivers the ultimate in sub woofer performance and will give you an operating range of 35Hz-150Hz ± 3dB, which, when installed with any of the larger of the CDD range will give an amazing sound.

Martin Audio have now introduced the amazing DX0.5 processor, offering an affordable loudspeaker management system that is compatible throughout the CDD Series. Delivering presets for EQ settings, filters, limiters, crossover, processing and system protection, the DX0.5 2×6 speaker processor also provides complete optimisation for both passive and powered loudspeaker systems.

So all in all, this relatively new range of speaker systems are ideal in any location, any situation and will be guaranteed to produce an amazing sound. Why use the Martin Audio CDD Series? That’s why…