Bose Panaray MA12

The Bose Panaray MA12 gives wide 145° horizontal coverage. It has been designed to provide outstanding vocal intelligibility in acoustically demanding spaces. The slim column enclosure blends with almost any décor.

For indoor applications only. The Bose Panaray MA12 is available in black or white.

  • Twelve 2.25″ (64 mm) drivers mounted in a vertical line array deliver wide horizontal coverage with narrow vertical pattern control
  • Modular design allows stacking of multiple enclosures in a line array configuration to provide increased vertical pattern control which improves “throw” distance and reduces unwanted floor/ceiling reflections
  • 145° horizontal x 20° nominal coverage for a single module. Vertical coverage varies with number of modules stacked in line array configuration
  • Mid/high configuration allows bass management and design flexibility. Use with Bose MB4, MB12, or MB24 modular bass loudspeakers for full-range reinforcement
  • Optional brackets allow easy installation of single-, double- or triple-stack line array modules

Ideal applications for the Panaray MA12

Technical Specifications Download the Bose Panaray MA12 product data sheet