Meyer Sound LYON Line Array

The Meyer Sound LYON™ linear line array loudspeaker is a member of Meyer Sound’s LEO® family of linear loudspeakers, designed to reproduce audio faithfully with tremendous power and clarity,  without colouring the sound, even when pushed to the limit. LYON delivers the same headroom
and precision as the acclaimed LEO-M™ with the same cutting-edge technology housed in a lighter and more compact cabinet.

Optimized rigging and self-powered configuration streamlines both setup and breakdown for LYON systems. LYON is ideal for medium to large-scale array applications that do not require the extreme long-throw capability of LEO-M.

For greater flexibility, LYON is available in three models: LYON-M for primary array coverage, LYON-W for wide coverage, and LYON-WXT for wide coverage with extended vertical coverage. Use LYON-W in LYON arrays when applications require wide coverage, such as at the bottom or in the middle of primary arrays, or even at the top of outfill arrays. Use LYON-WXT when applications require wide coverage with greater vertical dispersion, such as at the bottom of extremely curved arrays or with
installations that cannot use frontfill loudspeakers. Because LYON-W and LYON-WXT match the acoustical characteristics of LYON-M, transitions for horizontal coverage are seamless.

Features of Meyer LYON Line Array

  • Available in three models for greater flexibility: LYON-M for primary array coverage, LYON-W for wide coverage, and LYON-WXT for wide coverage with extended vertical coverage.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Meyer Sound’s LEO-M line array loudspeakers, and the 1100-LFC and  LFC low frequency control elements.
  • Delivers high peak power output with exceptional linearity and transient reproduction at any operating level
  • Offers simplified setup and increased reliability via self-powered design

Ideal Applications

  • Medium- to large-scale applications
  • Arenas, performing arts centers, theaters, churches, and other fixed installations
  • Touring sound reinforcement
  • Downfill, midfill, sidefill, and outfill for LEO-M systems

Next steps

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Technical Specifications Download the Meyer Sound LYON Line Array product data sheet