Sound Systems for Sporting Venues

Old Barn Audio have worked on various large sound systems for sporting venues over the last few years.

The sports industry in the UK as well as abroad is growing. Many events are now being broadcast, either live or via highlights through many media channels. It is now essential to have effective and high quality sound systems throughout any sporting venue.

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Sound Systems for Sporting Venues

A Necessity, Not  A Luxury

It cannot be classed as a luxury nowadays. It is of high importance that the sound your event achieves through the installed sound systems is of the best quality possible. With external stadium seating and balconies, it is also imperative to get the most out of the acoustics.

Quality Sound Systems for Sporting Venues

Old Barn Audio have worked on many prestigious sporting venues, including various different installations for the Lee Valley Group, situated around North and East London; home of many Olympic events. Dover Athletic Football Stadium and Sutton Tennis Academy also now have very effective systems. Gymnasiums as well as many play centres are also very busy. Trampoline centres are  becoming widespread across the UK and also require high quality sound and good acoustics in the large warehouse type buildings.

Sound Systems for Sporting VenuesOnce a request has been made, Old Barn Audio visit the sporting facility and meet with the contact to discuss the requirements.  This can cover the sound installationinduction loop systems, external speaker systems and visual equipment. A fully specified quotation will then be submitted. Old Barn Audio normally quote for two systems, to give the committee or decision makers a choice of discussion points.

Weather Resistant Speakers

Old Barn Audio install high quality weather resistant Martin Audio speakers if the request is for an external installation. Martin Audio are synonymous with exceptional sound. Old Barn Audio are main stockists of this quality brand. As well as this, they are stockists of BoseMeyer SoundOHM speakers & Crown amplifiers.

Next Steps

If you are responsible for effective sound systems for sporting venues, stadiums or arenas, then please get in touch. Either by calling us on +44(0) 1892 752246, email or via our contact form.