Bose ControlSpace EX Processors

The new Bose ControlSpace EX processors product line includes four new products, all with built-in Dante™, optimized for conferencing applications.

The EX-1280C Conferencing processor includes all common audio teleconferencing connections in just one model. USB for soft codecs, VoIP, PSTN/analog telephone, and analog IO for video conferencing connections. It also includes 12 routable acoustic echo cancellers and other new algorithms to simplify setup and reduce troubleshooting time. Such as the Conference Room Router and conference room combining groups.

The three EX Dante™ endpoints offer unique advantages, especially for conferencing applications, including support for any type of analogue conferencing microphone, support for USB to Dante™, and easy telephone handset to Dante™ conversion. And since the EX Dante™ endpoints include PoE+ and network daisy-chaining, multiple EX endpoints can be connected over a single network cable (Dante™, control, power) making “one cable to the table” a reality.

Next Steps

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