Lighting Systems

Brixton Jamm Sound and Lighting by Old Barn Audio


Nightclub lighting has progressed a long way in the last few years. Lighting is much more than just automatic mode sound to light. It is used to set the mood, give a dancefloor the wow…

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Sound installation by Old Barn Audio at The Terrace

Bars & Restaurants

Lighting Systems for Bars & Restaurants have a certain amount in common with nightclub lighting. This is true in the sense of trying to create an inviting and interesting atmosphere for the customers. Lights can…

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Lighting systems for churches come into two different categories – architectural lighting of the building and performance/presentation lighting. Architectural lighting Architectural lighting offers lighting of the building in a sympathetic way. It is both practical…

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Hillview School for Girls with Old Barn Audio and Martin Audio Wavefront


Lighting systems for schools come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the requirements of the school and the training experience of the end user. It is no good for a school to have the…

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Wedding Venues

For wedding venues, word of mouth recommendations, ratings and social media are key to a venues success. Lighting for wedding venues is also a major part of this success. Couples want vivid saturated colours to…

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Whether its infrastructure for a number one receiving house, or a full rig for a community theatre, Old Barn can supply and install the right lighting systems for theatres. Lighting Infrastructure: Recent advances in theatrical…

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