Omega Eco-15S

Experience the revolutionary Omega Eco-15S sub woofer. Featuring cutting-edge enclosure materials that not only redefine the landscape of loudspeakers but also stand out as exceptionally environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, each product in this Eco range transforms waste material that would otherwise contribute to landfills, ocean pollution, or incineration. Unlike traditional options such as polyurethane-coated plywood or plastic rotational/injection molded designs, our recycled polymer creations are engineered to perform at the highest standards. And here’s the best part – they are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle, closing the loop on sustainability.

Features of the Omega Eco-15S

  • Hi-Fi grade components give extended 40Hz frequency response
  • 8 Ohm Impedance
  • Omni Directional / array dependant
  • High power output
  • Acid and chemical resistant, resisting most industrial chemicals
  • Ultra low frequency response and powerful bass reinforcement
  • Suited for background and live sound reinforcement at higher SPL
  • RAL colour options
  • Use in conjunction with Eco Series loudspeakers for extended bass dynamics

Ideal applications for the Eco-15S

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