Our Recent Clients

As with all high quality audio hire and installation companies, we have been working with some excellent people. Even better, some great musicians with some people you may even know! Listed below is a selection :

Sports Venues

We receive many enquiries for different sports venues, whether they are gymnasiums, trampoline centres, golf clubs or football stadiums, large sporting venues or stadiums.

Restaurants and Nightclubs

Over the years these have really grown. Top class restaurants & bars as well as nightclubs and also more and more, wedding venues understand the need for an exceptional sound system. Lighting for restaurants, nightclubs as well as wedding venues needs to be effective, on point and quite frankly amazing!

Schools and Colleges

Schools, colleges and other teaching establishments need to have great equipment to ensure their students have the best capability of learning possible. As well as sound, lighting systems within the school halls and theatres needs to be exceptional for the top performances that are held.

Three Rivers Academy

Houses of Worship

More and more, Old Barn Audio are installing up to date and easy to use sound systems into churches and other houses of worship. These are just a few of the churches and other Houses of Worship that have sound, video & lighting installed.


Theatres are a prime spot for fantastic sound equipment and we love a theatre! For both exceptional sound as well as lighting.

Live Sound

Other Businesses

PA Hire For The Scumrun

These are just as important but may not fit in any of the above categories!

So that is us, we have worked with some amazing people and companies. Looking forward to adding to this list which is updated regularly so you can see the sort of quality companies that we interact with.

If you are looking for sound and lighting systems, in the UK or abroad then please call us on 01892 783342 or contact us via our enquiry form and someone will be in touch. Having years of experience, we can offer unbiased advice and information on the best system for your venue.