Sound Systems for Nightclubs

When you install sound systems for nightclubs, there are only two things on the mind of the owner of the club and the installer:

  • How much will this cost?
  • How much bass can we generate without annoying the neighbours?

Sound systems for nightclubs can be notoriously expensive, due to the sheer level of SPL that is required, especially in the bass end. In theory, to move a lot of air in the bass speaker, a lot of power and headroom is required, which will allow for less distortion in the club sound system. Transient spikes in the waveform need to be amplified and not clipped by the amplifier, to give a pure level at the speaker.

Sound Systems for Nightclubs

Club Sound Systems

Over the last decade, with the continual development of D-class switch-mode amplifiers, the price per watt of power has dramatically decreased. Normal levels 20 years ago was about £1 per watt. Now, the Powersoft K20, as an example, delivers 18,000 watts into 2Ω.  The noticeable difference is one of the reasons why the sound is so good these days in modern nightclub live sound systems. Investors and club owners can afford the best.

Sound Systems for Nightclubs

All this technical information is important to understand and implement, allowing a nightclub to have the best live sound available and naturally attracting clients to visit the club. Once the owner understands what is involved, he will be able to appreciate why a larger price tag must follow.

Sound Systems for Nightclubs

Our typical nightclub sound systems are heavily weighted on the output side of the system, instead of the input side. The many zones and outputs as well as the normally large physical nature of nightclubs, all translate into a very complex system. From a commercial point of view, every single nightclub sound system that Old Barn Audio has installed is different. Every club owner requires a different infrastructure to allow his club to operate how he sees it. Like any venue, the system is tailored to suit and obviously match his budget.

Sound systems for nightclubs

As an example, in a previous OBA nightclub installation, the sound system was installed with 20 inputs and 40 outputs.  You can see in the right hand image, the system was built upon flexibility, offering many options. It could play either DJ music, DJ monitors or an iPod. Also, a full band LR mix with six stage mixers as well as a full 5.1 DVD audio input or a mixture of them all. This was mixed to multiple dance-floor outputs, stage monitoring and zoned areas. Including VIP booths, balconies, toilets and the foyer. All controlled by touch-screen wall controllers.

Please click on this image for a more detailed view.


In the above example club sound system, the following equipment was used : Martin Audio WS218X, Martin Audio XD15, Martin Audio AQ28, Martin Audio AQ8, Martin Audio MA12kMartin Audio MA3.0, Martin Audio MA2.0, Martin Audio MA2.8q, Martin Audio LE1200s, Martin Audio LE1500s and a BSS BLU-100 processor to control the entire system. All-in-all, when this installation was completed, it was a state of the art system that allowed the club to operate at a very high level and attract the finest in DJs, artists and obviously customers.

Due to new Martin Audio products being released, a typical nightclub installation will now be:

If these kind of nightclub sound systems are installed, then you will always be guaranteed exceptional sound throughout the club.

Sound Systems for Nightclubs

Nightclub Lighting

Along with high performance sound, we can also design you a bespoke nightclub lighting system, ensuring your club really stands out.

Please take a look at some of the typical sound systems for nightclubs we have installed. We also offer advice and installations on sound systems in bars and restaurants.

Next Steps

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