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Martin Audio PSX from Old Barn Audio

Martin Audio PSX – Sub for the Future

The Martin Audio PSX is a self-powered sub-woofer designed to partner the Martin Audio DD6, XD12 or XD15 full-range loudspeaker systems. Featuring a high powered 15″ driver, 4″ voice coil, long-excursion driver in a very compact reflex-ported enclosure, it also houses not one but two channels of Class D amplification — one channel for itself and one channel to power an XD12, an XD15, or up to three DD6’s.

The PSX’s in-built Powersoft Class D amplifier module produces a total peak output of 2400W, with 1400W allocated to the 15″ driver and 1000W to drive the associated full-range system. Its lightweight, switched-mode Powersoft power supply auto-ranges to global mains voltages from 100v to 240V 50/60Hz, and the Power Factor Correction smooths out the mains current draw over the whole of the AC waveform. The operating frequency range of the PSX is 48Hz to 150Hz, with a peak SPL capability of 136dB at one metre.

On-board DSP performs delay, crossover and EQ functions via the touch button on the back panel.  An important feature of the PSX is its internal memory, which allows factory ‘plug-and-play’ or user-generated DSP pre-set ‘snapshots’ of the PSX/full-range combination to be recalled by means of a pre-set selector button on the rear panel, instead of using computer control. An LED displays which pre-set is selected ‘1’ is for the DD6, ‘2’ is for the XD12 and lastly ‘3’; is for the XD15.  Once selected, the predetermined parameters are recalled. Also, the PSX’s full-range system can be controlled and monitored from a laptop or wireless tablet PC via intuitive VU-NET™ proprietary software. PC connection can be made directly via micro USB, or via Martin Audio’s proprietary U-NET™ network and Merlin loudspeaker and network management system.

The PSX’s tour-grade plywood enclosure is coated in hard-wearing polyurethane and its Declon® backed steel grille is pre-curved to resist deformation in the field. Practical features include a pole-mount fitting in the top surface, bar handles and protective skids. When stacked, the skids on the base of the upper PSX enclosure align with recesses in the top of the enclosure below.

Options included a wheel-board for ease of transportation and a transit cover. For outdoor use, an optional rain cowl is available to protect the amplifier section from rain and direct sun.

For more information on the Martin Audio PSX, or to buy a PSX sub-woofer, please phone Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 – Old Barn Audio are Martin Audio official MLA Mini Distributors.