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PA Hire in London, Kent or Sussex

Looking for PA Hire in London, Kent or Sussex? Where do you start? Which system should you go with, how much will it cost and where should you hire it from? These are all questions that companies ask and many potential customers just don’t know where to start…

There are many PA Hire companies out there and, to be honest, it can be a bit of a minefield. All these companies will promote great PA hire, but not all will be able to support these promises. A lot can, but it really depends on what systems they are using, how old they are and how they are installed.

It may be a little company who invested in some speaker systems 10 years ago and promise they will do the job, just because they want the work; then when it comes to it, cannot deliver – and in so many situations this is just not acceptable.

What Do You Need PA Hire For?

PA hire will be needed when a company is wanting to either present themselves to the public and promote what they are doing. It could be for a charity event when the said charity is hoping to raise money through an event or special day. Or it could be an outdoor event where great sound needs to be projected for many to hear. And if the sound does not reach everyone, and is of poor quality, then it makes the company look unprofessional and ensures the event is not as successful as it could have been.

So what level system should you have for your event? Can it be something relatively cheap and cheerful, or do you want to really “wow” your visitors with something really special? Many customers do not realise that they need a realistically sized budget to make a real impact.

You may only need a couple of good quality speakers on tripods where you can plug in an iPod or microphone, right up to large festivals where the sound has to be pitch perfect and with a great reach and display characteristics.

If you are looking to hire great speaker systems, then our recommendations would be the speakers, amplifiers and MLA systems from Martin Audio. With MLA, there are a choice of three; the MLA Mini, The MLA Compact and the MLA System. MLA is a great concept as the sound quality is the same wherever you stand in your venue. It isn’t louder at the front and quieter at the back – you will receive equally perfect sound wherever you are.

Martin Audio MLA

Martin Audio MLA Compact and MLA MiniThe Martin Audio MLA Mini is a very musical system, smooth and ideal for low to medium powered events. It can, however, be taken to a high level, so isn’t necessarily just for small applications. We can hire out 8 elements (4 per side), but it can go to at least 12 per side for higher powered events.  All prices are tailored to suit the venue and what is needed.  As a guide, however, the basic system is hired out at £349 per day as per the details on our PA Hire rate card.

The Martin Audio MLA Compact is a step up and will be tailored to the event you are holding. It is ideal either indoors or outdoors – we would just adjust the number of speakers needed. The MLA Compact is far more scaleable, goes lower and is perfect for theatres and venues that require greater sound capacity.

Then for festivals and large events in stadiums, where the number of people are many more, the Martin Audio MLA would be the speakers of choice.

If you would rather have a traditional speaker and amplifier system, then we still use Martin Audio products – for example the Martin Audio W8VDQ speakers with WS218X amplifiers. Always very popular!

What we would recommend, however, is that you call us on 01892 752246, where we can chat through your options and as long as you take the advice of our skilled and experienced personnel, then you will be guaranteed exceptional sound quality from your PA Hire.

So our question to you is are you looking for mediocre or exceptional sound from your PA Hire in London, Kent or Sussex….