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Powersoft K10 Amplifier

Powersoft K10 – 1u of Sheer Hell….

The Powersoft K10 is one of those technological achievements that happens once in a decade.  The Italian boffin’s behind the brand-leading switch-mode amplifiers have really excelled themselves with this one!  Priced extremely competitively with an RRP of £3599 (ex VAT) means an output cost of 30p per watt – something 10 years ago was unheard of. Powersoft, who are now powering Martin Audio’s new flagship MLA, are world-leaders in switch-mode amplification and to create an amplifier that ways 12Kg and to produce 12,000w is nothing short of witch-craft.  The Powersoft K10 is the amplifier of choice for many leading hire companies to power their sub-arrays and have been heard on many stages from Hyde Park to Glastonbury.

For more information on the Powersoft K10, please contact Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246