Live Lounge have a Complete Nightclub Installation

Old Barn Audio have known of the Live Lounge in Cardiff for a few years now. They contacted the guys at OBA a couple of years ago, who went across to Wales to give them a demo of the proposed products for the venue.

At the end of 2015 they contacted Phil to confirm they wanted to go ahead with a complete nightclub installation, updating their whole speaker system within their music venue. This is a vibrant and really busy club, offering live music, with many different acts, 7 days a week. Live Lounge also offer food as well as the nightclub itself.

So Old Barn Audio have just completed the installation of a Martin Audio W8VDQ compact, three-way, differential directivity system as well as a CSX218 sub woofer. Along with an 818 Engineer digital management processor, 3 Powersoft amplifiers; a K3, M30D and M14D and some Crown amplifiers they have had a great system installed.

We have also subsequently been back again to install 2 x Martin Audio CDD10 speakers as well as 2 x CDD8 to add sparkle in the different zones.

Live Lounge are very impressed with the products installed. These have all been analysed using SMAART RTA software, ensuring the rooms are tuned and delayed to make a real bespoke package for this busy club.

Extremely impressed with the products installed, this complete nightclub installation was finished in a competent and professional manner.