OBA back to The Keys in Yarm

The Keys is a really successful bar, restaurant and nightclub, based in Yarm, North Yorkshire. They originally appointed Old Barn Audio back in 2012, to upgrade part of their Martin Audio speaker system for their nightclub. This was successfully completed and we have always kept a great working relationship with them.

So last week we spent the day up in sunny Yorkshire, with Vicky at The Keys. They were having a slight technical issue with noise spillage from the nightclub and they were worried about how this affected the area around them. Obviously wanting to keep their neighbours happy, they contacted Old Barn Audio who made the journey up to the north of England to look into reducing the noise leakage.

Nightclubs always must have exceptional sound systems. However they should also be limited to the venue and not leak noise once outside the building. So Old Barn Audio took a good look at the system and created a cardiod base array to alleviate the sound leaking from the building.

How they got around this problem was to perversely install a further sub speaker, but facing backwards and flip the phase of that speaker. This subsequently gave sound from the front and not the back. They have now taken bass from behind the array, using cardiod technology, which helps the bass on the dancefloor and eliminates bass from behind the bass stack.

Old Barn Audio reduced the bass by 15db, off axis it was slightly less but hey presto, the noise leakage has now been reduced significantly!

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